They say that if you dream, dream big. Well I have always been a simple person with very simple dreams. My greatest dream and at the same time my most realistic dream is to be married with my Ayat, to have at least three children, to live in a simple house and to go to church with my family every Sunday wherever God wants us to be. With this dream, I also pray that we will be able to raise our children with the desire to serve God and to fulfill God’s plan in our lives. When all that is done, i prays that me and my husband will still be able to serve God till our last breathe. That is my greatest dream. But aside from this dream, there will always be something that a person would want. This something is a dream that would be hidden somewhere deep in my heart and in my mind. A dream that may not be fulfilled and may not complete oneself but would always be something, something that would lighten up my face every now and then, for others it may be a million or a billion dollars, golden mansion, a championship trophy, diamonds but as for me, it is GREECE and its marvelous, intricate, and mysterious history.

Why GREECE? As a theater major, Greece has always been a part of me as it has always been a very essential and astounding part of the past. In every book, we can all trace the beginnings of theater in Greece. Because of this, I havealways dreamed of these places where the Greek Theater are said to have begun.

1 dionysus theater

Dionysus Theater

2 theater of Herodes

Theatre of Herodes Atticus

3 delphi

Delphi Theater

These are just some of the ruins which also relives the mythology that I have always been in love with.

 4 parthenon


 5 temple of poseidon

Temple of Poseidon

I dream of Greece not only because it is where the birth of theater and literature dwells but it is also because I am a runner and that marathons were actually rooted in the town of Marathonas, Athens, Greece and a soldier named, Pheidippides, ran from the Marathon Bridge to the Athens Stadium, bringing the news that Greece won over the Persians by shouting, “Niki” which means victory.

 6 athens classic marathon

 2011 Athens Classic Marathon Starting Line

7 medal

2013 Athens Classic Marathon Medal

Athens Classic Marathon happens every second week of November where the runners take the original route which Pheidippides had ran.

 8 pheidippides

Statue of Pheidippides

9 the runner

The Runners Statue

If I would be running this marathon, I would definitely stop, and take a selfie with my runningmate, Ayat with the Runner’s Statues and Pheidippides.

What would be the best way to celebrate a marathon like this? What else could it be but to take a deep into the beautiful beaches and sights of Santorini.

10 santorini

A dream, a wish, a prayer that may come true, granted and answered but until then I would enjoy dreaming and would be grateful that there is such thing as oneiros, as dreams.

keep dreaming…


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