Dream White, Dream BORACAY

The truth is that this BORACAY dream only reached the shore, for travelling consists of people and sometimes some have limitations. Nevertheless, a dream is still a dream, and these limitations may be surpassed for there is always a brighter side which one indulged in. Adventures may be limited, but never in the eyes of someone who looks deeper.

The first sight of this December summer dream called Boracay had drowned her with silence. As much as she wants to describe the pure extravagance and the calming serenity in front of her, she just couldn’t for she unfortunately or could be fortunately had no vocabulary that would give justice to what her eyes felt.   


But her every calmness must be completed with the beauty of  cacophony, and this she found when she strolled the middle of the very long shore.



  There were plenty of things to be owned, too many that people get so confused which one to value and which one to reject. Each of them hopes that they bring home the best, but as for her, its not the clothes, the hats not even the enormous serving of food.

The Lemoni Cafe

IMG_1805 IMG_1801 IMG_1800 IMG_1799

Estacio Una

IMG_1683 IMG_1680 IMG_1679

Tres Amigos

But it was the world she found in Boracay. It was overwhelming for her to meet the entirety of earth in her domicile for three very short days.

The men who could be living a life of solitude in this beach of pure white sand where they may be hoping to find sweet lovely pleasure with someone for a night, a day or two, or even a lifetime. She believes that this place could just be perfect to fulfill the emptiness each of them do not deserve. 


 She would like to think that these Koreans have no intentions of invading this island and the rest of the country. But they just seem to be everywhere. Every turns she makes, every time she sits, walks, or even just stand in one corner, they just seem to populate each space there is.  


IMG_1488 IMG_1440 IMG_1432 IMG_1435 IMG_1429 IMG_1428 IMG_1407

The romantic couples that added the ingredients to the vulnerably sweet delight that turns the bits and pieces of the white sand into the most inscrutable shade of love.  

IMG_1675IMG_1466IMG_1472IMG_1469IMG_1605IMG_1760IMG_1762IMG_1771IMG_1830And the undeniable handsome men whom women hope they’re searching for love cause there are many who would be willing to take the risk in the deep water just because an attraction captured their eyes, and often times not the soul that makes these eyes look beyond.

IMG_1480 IMG_1436 IMG_1382Like the various rocks on the sand, this paradise consists of various beings:



runners IMG_1098IMG_1607,

a man full of tattoos IMG_1467,



and a pregnant womanIMG_1773.

Certainly, different dreams reached the beautiful and miraculous shore of Boracay and one of those was hers. It was not what she expected but it was so much more than just experience and adventure. For her it was capturing unknown lives but those lives will forever keep the mysteries of their presence in her memory and that is simply wonderful.   


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