If you are couple-runners and getting married this blog might be of help.  Since both of us are runners, we decided to make a marathon –themed wedding. We called our wedding #CKLifetimeMarathon.

After years of praying, the Lord has given me my lifetime running mate. After six and half years of dating we decided to finally get married. My boyfriend and I had a very limited budget. So we really had to pray for every decision that had to make and by God’s grace we were able to have a very simple yet uniquely memorable wedding.



These are the things we prepared for our CKLIFETIMEMARATHON

  1. FLOWER BOUQUET – Since we had a very limited budget, we opt to make our bouquet since it was very expensive. We also did not want to have flower decorations because we think that it would be just a waste after the wedding. So we made a paper flower bouquet.







Here are the materials used:

IMG_0352Tissue’s Core Board – We did not need to buy these. We just had to keep the core boards of the tissues that we used


Colored Board Papers – This costs P125 per 100 pcs from Divisoria


Styrofoam balls – This costs P29.75 from National Books Store.


Shoelaces – This costs P10 per pair from Divisoria also.


Glue Gun, Glue Stick, Cutter, Scissors, Blue Poster paint and brush – The only material I bought from this picture is the glue sticks which cost P 100 per 50 pcs from Divisoria also.

Here are the very simple steps in making the Paper Flower Bouquet.


  • The Flowers – I followed Michelle Coyle ( in making these paper flowers. There are actually a lot of tutorials in the net but I chose this one. If you noticed I printed little rubber shoes in the paper to make it in line with our theme. All my bridesmaids kept their flower bouquet because they love it so much and because I made it myself. So it also served as our souvenir to them.
  • IMG_0374
  • The Core Board. I made the core board a little thinner so it can be handled easier like in the picture. I used glue sticks in sticking the two ends of the board.
  • IMG_0391
  • The Styrofoam Balls – I sliced the Styrofoam balls in half. I used only half for each bridesmaid but I used the whole Styrofoam balls for my bouquet because I want to have a bigger one hehehe.
  • IMG_0396
  • Then I inserted the core board in the middle of the Styrofoam.
  • IMG_0398
  • The next step is actually optional. I painted the Styrofoam because I wanted to keep it a secret.
  • IMG_0408
  • Then cover the tissue core board with the shoelaces. You may do it anyway you like.

  •              IMG_0409       IMG_0411
  • Then cut strips of paper and fold it into halves like in the picture. Then I glued them at the bottom of the Styrofoam.
  • IMG_0424
  • Then I  glued the flowers from the bottom side up to the center top.

2. SAVE THE DATE , INVITATIONS, GUESTS’ NAMES and THANK YOU CARD- We decided to make our invitations like a running race route inside and a race bib as the cover. I did the lay-out so we only bought the envelopes and the board papers. I had a printer so we spent nothing on printing.

ck invitation with ribbon

Race map8


3. SOUVENIRS- We were not actually planning to give out any souvenirs but our Ninang Mathet willingly sponsored it so she bought us running ballers. Thank you so much Ninang! For the sponsors we gave out sports bottle (P100 each with printing) and since my Ayat is an artist, he drew all our sponsors running. Then we bought frames which cost us P50 each and P60 for printing each picture.



4. WEDDING CAKE- Of course we designed our wedding cake, and our Ninong Pastor Ryan and Ninang Dra Chelle sponsored it, we are indeed super blessed. Super thanks Ninong and Ninang!

20150930_044004Wedding Cake7IMG_3570

 IMG_3571 IMG_3569

5. TABLE SET UP The table is set up was one of the exciting things we prepared for. We collected Gatorade bottles as our vase for five months from friends, families and students and sometimes from strangers. Then we used the shoelaces that were left from the flower bouquets and made simple flowers. We used distances as table numbers to really have that marathon ambiance.


IMG_3553 IMG_3542

6. The Pictorial and Photobooth – We added our rubber shoes in our pictorial since we can’t wear them during the ceremony because our wedding was held inside the church. We also did a running post. For the photobooth, I based the lay out from our invitations.


IMG_0360 IMG_0361 IMG_0365 IMG_0384


IMG_3500 IMG_3507 IMG_3478 IMG_3487


20151217_102419 20151217_102651

7. This last item is a must for every marathon-themed wedding – the marathon pillars.




Hope this blog had given you idea for your wedding. Best Wishes and God bless you on your lifetime marathon!!!


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